Record everything happening on your PC, even videogames


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Action! is a video recording tool that allows you to capture moving images from your favorite videogames, in high definition, and with sound -- all in glorious detail.

Of course, beyond just videogames, it will allow you to capture the desktop or any other software that you run on your computer, capturing without a problem all the effects of Aero.

When recording, you will have tons of options at your disposal. You will be able to choose if you want to record the entire screen or just a portion, as well as if you want to record sound from the microphone or not, the format you want the audio to be in, or the video quality and resolution you want the final file to be.

Other program options will allow you to take screen shots in different image formats, or open and hide the program interface at anytime.

Action! is a very exciting application for users that want to record video while playing videogames to share on the Internet because the quality achieved is exquisite.

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